Our Story


Carolyn can be found shopping in the produce section or at the farmer's market; walking Lucky early in the morning; swimming laps in an outdoor pool 12 months a year; on Saturday morning runs over the Ringling Bridge; traveling to distant places; dancing to bluegrass; and making new friends in the most random of places!

After growing up in Texas and graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Carolyn left for Thailand as a Peace Corps education volunteer. After her service, she moved to Sarasota, Florida to work with her Father. Currently, Carolyn works as a Product Training Specialist for a software company.


Dave can be found swimming laps in an outdoor pool 12 months a year; teaching his law class; chasing Lucky through muddy swamps or thick brush; running down Bay Shore Boulevard; listening to Spanish music; grilling on his back patio; reading history books; and browsing the aisles of Home Depot.

Dave grew up in Rhode Island and graduated from Providence College. He has a Masters in Education from Boston College and a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School. After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, Dave moved to Tampa, Florida where he works as an Assistant State Attorney.


Lucky can be found anywhere rabbits and squirrels play; begging for any sort of meat product; getting dirty in thick bushes or muddy swamps, hogging the bed; greeting us at the door with her stuffed squirrel; chilling in the sun; riding in the car like she owns the world; and occasionally driving thru McD's for a burger and fries.

Lucky grew up in a small village in Thailand. Since moving to the USA, she has grown to love American food (especially Dave's grilling), but sometimes has dreams of catching chickens in the rice fields.

How we met... my version anyways!

Dave organized a Returned Peace Corps Alumni Group in the Tampa-Bay area.

I had just finished up my Peace Corps experience in Thailand and moved to Sarasota, Fl to work with my Father.  I was looking to meet new friends and acclimate back to "American life." I reconnected with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Group in Sarasota; however, everyone was over the age of 60 and I was looking for friends more my age. I decided to look in Tampa for a group of volunteers and found one that just so happened to be started by Dave.

Dave and I exchanged emails about the group's events - dinner at a Mexican restaurant, canoe trip on the Hillsborough River, and shuffle board in St. Pete - but I never made the trek up north for a gathering. I was still in that 'ride my bike everywhere phase' and ending a lingering relationship.

Months went by as I continued to flake out on meeting up with the Tampa Group. As I was cleaning out my gmail account I found an email in my draft box that I started writing to Dave. I was going to a Folk Festival with friends that weekend and invited Dave to join us. Dave said yes.

My friends ended up not making the festival and it was the best 'ditch' ever. Dave and I hit it off - reminiscing about our Peace Corps days and making an instant connection. We even got the ole 'shush' from other folks trying to listen to the music.  We were just gabbing away.

After a day of music, we ended the night at a Mexican Restaurant with plans to see each other again.... we've been together ever since!

Our Engagement

It was my 27th birthday.

Dave and I were going to meet my parents for dinner and stopped by Ken Thompson Park on Lido Key to let our dog chase squirrels. We walked through the mangroves enjoying the wonderful day. Over looking Sarasota Bay on a pier, Dave remembered that October day at the Folk Festival when we first met. He said at one point I looked at him and it sent an arrow through his heart, and to this day, that arrow is still there.

He then got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. YES!

Minutes after Dave proposed